Janisar Election Results (2013 – 2015)

Message from Syed Raza Ahmed Zaidi, Election Commissioner (2013), Anjuman Janisaran-e-Ahlebait.

The following members are elected unopposed as the new administration of Anjuman Janisaran-e-Ahlebait a.s. (reg) Pakistan for the year 2013 – 2015


  • Syed Tatheer Alam Rizvi (President)
  • Syed Yousuf Hasnain Zaidi (Vice President)
  • Syed Fia Abbas Zaidi (General Secretary)
  • Syed Salman Haider Zaidi (Joint Secretary)

We prat to the All Mighty for their success in performing their future duties and responsibilities. We also pay our gratitude to everyone who supported us and to all that work sincerely and selflessly for this organization.

Moharram Majalis at Haidery Chowk, Rwp

Like previous years Moharram Majalis will be held at Haidery Chowk, Rawalpindi daily at 3pm. Janab Shaikh Sakhawat Ali Qummi will address the majalis from 1st to 9th Moharram (inshaAllah).


For other places in and around Rawalpindi, the majalis schedule is as follows:


1-Imam bargah Chittian Hattian 1 to 9 Muharram 6:30pm (Molana Arshad Ameer Abdi of karachi)
2-Imam Bargah Abu Muhammad Rizvi Chittian hattian 8:00pm ( Molana Nazar Zainabi ( Dehli, India )
3-Imam bargah Yadgar e Huassain a.s. D block S.town rwp.8:00pm ( Molana syed baqir zaidi) Dehli India)
4-Imam bargah Al Sadiq a.s. Karachi Compani Islamabad 8:00pm ( Molana Ghulam Hussain Rizvi (Dehli)

5-Jameya tuL kousar G/8 Islamabad 8pm (Allama Shifa Najafi) ( live on Hadi T V)
6-Imam bargah G-6/2 Islamabad 9pm (Molana Sakhawat Husssain Qummi)
7-Imam bargah G-6/2 Islamabad 3:30pm( Khanam Tayyaba Bukhari) ( For Khawateen)
8-Haidri Chock S. town 3:30pm(Molana Sakhawat Hussain Qummi)
9-Imam Bargah Baltistania I-10 Islamabad 3:30pm ( Molana Nazar Zainabi India Dehli)
10-Imam Bargah Baltistania Angat Pura Rawalpindi 9:00pm ( Molana Nazar Zainabi India Dehli)
11-Imam Bargah Punj Sarki Rwp 7:00pm Rwp ( Alllama Akhlaq Shirazi)
12-Imam bargah Punj Sarki rwp 2:00pm (Khanam Tayyaba Bokhari .)
13Imam bargah Hifazat Ali shah Bphar bazar rwp 7:00pm (Molana Naseem Abbas Naqvi ) Shekhu pura
14-Madarsa tul Fatmia Adam g Road rwp Sadda 7:00pm (AllamaZulfiqa Hussain Naqvi) ( of karachi)
15Aza Khana Hussain shah Lunda baza rwp 8:30am. ( Molana waqar zaidi)
16-Aza Khana Ali sarkar Chittia Hattian rwp 3:00pm ( Molana waqar zaidi)
17-Imam bargah Jabbar Hussain zaidi Bhabhrra khana( chittian Hattian) 4:00pm ( Molana waqar zaidi)
18-Imam Bargah Qasr e Hasnain St.11 Mohan Pura 9:00pm ( Molana waqar zaidi)
19-Imam Bargah Babulilm, I-8 Islamabad 6:00pm (Janab Manzar Naqvi Sahab of Islamabad)

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